ValenciaApril 2008

The President of the General Council of the Spanish Judicial Authority(CGPJ) requested that a disciplinary investigation be opened against the signatories of the Manifesto for a Rational Debate about Criminal Policy.
Medel took the initiative of a statement and sent a letter to the president of the CGPJ, to defend the principles of freedom of speech for judges and prosecutors.

See Medel's statement.

Cour de cassation RomeMEDEL has celebrated its 20th anniversary in Rome on May 20th, 2005 with a colloquium organized by the High Council of the Italian Judiciary on the topic:
Justice, a Force of Democracy.

Contributions :

Medel yesterday, today and tomorrow (Ch. Strecker)


Criminal Law and Constitutional FreedomsBordeaux,  October 2nd, 2004

Against a Security Culture, colloquium organized at the National School of Magistracy  by MEDEL in cooperation with “Avocats Européens pour la Démocratie” (European Lawyers for Democracy - AED)

The Program of the colloquium


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