Alert Day for Independence of Justice in Europe May 23, 2013

RougeMontesquieu had explained just how important separation of powers is for democracy and the guarantee of freedom. How far has Europe come in its observance of this democratic principal as its core value?

The independence of justice, the quintessential principle of democracy, is today threatened in many European countries, both externally and internally, as the result of lack of effective protection of its independence, despite the proclamation of the ruling principle.

MEDEL, the organization of European magistrates, which since its foundation in 1985 has been concerned with the effectiveness of independence of justice, could not remain silent in the face of such an alarming observation and used the commemoration of the assassination of Judge Falcone as an opportunity to initiate this unprecedented event.

  • Booklet : Justice, un pouvoir de la démocratie en Europe (FR and ENG) :This booklet seeks to summarize and to document the work and reflexions developed over the past two years by MEDEL and its comprising associations.
  • InvitationAs we commemorate the anniversary of the assassination of judge Falcone, which also marked the starting point of civil societies' raising of awareness, MEDEL appeals to engage all means envisaged by the Treaty in order to allow the development of a European justice system that effectively protects the fundamental rights of citizens.
  • The appeal.

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