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EUIn the last month of March, MEDEL organized a cycle of conferences about four topics which in our view should be at the core of the debate in the electoral campaign for the upcoming European Parliament elections: immigration; populism; austerity and social rights; Rule of Law.

We gathered most of the speeches and presentations of those four conferences in the ebook that can be found HERE.

Solidarity with Iustitia and all Polish JudgesMEDEL was represented by its president today at the hearing held at the "Grande Chambre" of the European Court of Justice, in Luxembourg, on joint cases C-585/18, C-624/18 CP and C-625/18, regarding the lowering of retirement age of Polish Judges.

medel conf luxMEDEL was present today at the final conference of the "Rule of Law Project" of the European Judicial Training Network, held in the European Court of Justice, in Luxembourg.

The president of MEDEL was one of the facilitators of the workshop dedicated to the role of Judicial Associations in promoting the Rule of Law.


On April 3rd, 2019, the European Commission decided to launch an infringement procedure regarding the new disciplinary regime for judges in Poland.

MEDEL welcomes this decision, stressing that the mechanism of art. 258. TFUE is the only one with the effective potential to reverse the destruction of the Rule of Law in Poland.

The first call from MEDEL to take this action was addressed to the First Vice‑President of the European Commission, Frans Timmermans, on February 21st, 2019. Today it has become clearly evident that the unprecedented actions that have been undermining judicial independence in Poland need urgent attention.


The situation of the Romanian Judiciary has recently witnessed another episode that reveals the worrying path towards the degradation of the Rule of Law in that country.

MEDEL sees with much concern the revision of the three basic laws of the Judiciary (the Statutes of Judges and Prosecutors, the organisation of Courts and of the Prosecution Service and the organisation of the Superior Council of Magistracy) – that came into force between July and October 2018 – and the proposed changes of the criminal and criminal procedure. As Vice-President Frans Timmermans said in the European Parliament on October 3rd, 2018, these changes put at serious risk the independence and effectiveness of the Judiciary, especially in the fight against corruption.


Your Excellency, MEDEL – Magistrats Européens Pour la Démocratie et les Libertés, (a European Non-Governmental Organization that currently gathers 23 associations of Judges and Prosecutors coming from 16 different European Countries, representing more than 15.000 magistrates), has been following closely the ongoing attack against the independence of the Judiciary in Poland.

We have had the opportunity of addressing those issues and expressing our support for the decision taken by the European Commission to press charges against Poland before the European Court of Justice, in an email sent to you on October 1st, 2018.


MEDEL representatives were invited to meet with the CVM (Cooperation and Verification Mechanism) team to deepen the discussions regarding the progress reports on the Romanian and Bulgarian judiciary systems, Mr. William Sleath stated on behalf of the European Commission in a letter sent to MEDEL on 28 Jan. 2019.

The letter from the European Commission was a reply to a letter sent by MEDEL, on 14 December 2018, to Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker (President of the European Commission) and Ms. Vera Jourová (European Commissioner of Justice, Consumers and Gender Equality) regarding the 2018 reports of the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism (CVM) on Bulgaria and Romania. 

Civil Society for Accountable GovernanceMEDEL was present today in Belgrade, in the conference "Civil Society for Accountable Governance", organized by CRTA - Center for Research, Transparency and Accountability.

Filipe Marques took the floor in the opening plenary and had an impulse statement at the Working Group 3 - Changes to the Constitution of the Republic of Serbia.

murat.arslan2The president of the Portuguese Judges Association published an article about Murat Arslan in one of the main newspapers in Portugal, which can be found in THIS LINK

Here is the translation in English.

Murat Arslan was arrested on 19 October 2016. He is in a prison cell in Sincan, Ankara, with 16 other detainees: 8 beds and the floor to sleep, a carpet to pray, one shower, one washbasin and two toilets. 20 liters of water a day to wash clothes and body, half an hour a week for visits, though a thick dirty glass, half an hour a month to hug the wife Sevilay and the sons, Burak Emre and Yigit Eren, 16 and 13 years old, a phone call every two weeks, an hour a month to play football, and a weekly order of books and canteen food.

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