Renaud Van RuymbekeThe French Minister of Justice decided again to prosecute R. Van Ruymbeke.

Renaud Van Ruymbeke has always demonstrated exemplary professional dedication, in spite of all kinds of obstacles, in combating corruption and money laundering.

He is one of the initiators of the Geneva Appeal.

Medel has always expressed its full support to Renaud Van Ruymbeke regarding the attempts of destabilization he was subject to by the French Justice Ministry.

Call for Truth in the Borrel AffairBernard Borrel, a French magistrate, was assassinated on October 19, 1995 in Djibouti.

Everything was done in an attempt to disguise this crime as a suicide.

Pressure and manipulation has been employed for 11 years to hinder the truth.

The fact that the case has not been buried for good can be credited only to the courage of Elisabeth Borrel and the support she received.

The signatories demand that the obstacles to the ongoing investigation be removed, namely that the documents of state services that could be connected to the assassination be submitted to the investigative judge.

MEDELIn order to save judicial independence and oppose governmental abuses of power, Media and NGO sector has created a coalition: “Civil Society for Democratic Georgia”.

This coalition mobilizes public awareness to ongoing processes and reflects the public interest in saving judiciary as an independent branch of the government. The coalition reflects the interests and objectives of the Georgian population to develop a democratic and rule-of-law based society in Georgia that will become a real part of the European family.

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