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Online event “Europe for Poland”

Join Rafto Foundation and MEDEL next Friday, October 2nd, at 10am (CET), at an online event in support of the independence of the Judiciary and Rule of Law:

On Monday 5 October the “Disciplinary chamber” of the Polish Supreme Court will hear a motion presented by the National Prosecution Office to waive the immunity against criminal prosecution for Judge Igor Tuleya of the Warsaw district court. This is a second attempt to waive his immunity after the refusal of a first motion in June this year.

The “Disciplinary chamber” allowing this hearing to take place is currently subject to an interim measure by the Court of Justice of the European Union requiring that it halts its disciplinary activities until the final ruling on the legality of the chamber.
This is the first of three cases to be heard in October by the “Disciplinary Chamber” which might strip judges of their immunity. The other ones summoned are the President of the Association of Judges “Themis” BEATA MORAWIEC on 12.10 and Judge IRENA MAJCHER on 21.10. More than a thousand judges are threatened with disciplinary action for expressing their opposition to legal “reforms” which undermine rule of law in Poland.

Join our webinar to hear experienced Polish and European judges and academics analyze the scale and severity of the attack on the independence of the judiciary in Poland, and explain why they consider this development an urgent threat to the European legal system.

Save #IndependentCourts and #RuleOfLaw in #Poland and Europe.


LAURENT PECH, Professor of European Law and Head of the Law and Politics Department at Middlesex University, formerly Jean Monnet Chair of European Public Law
DARIUSZ MAZUR, Judge at the City court of Krakow in Poland, Spokesperson for Judges’ Association Themis and member of Iustitia
MIKAEL SJÕBERG, Judge and Vice President of EAJ the European Association of Judges
FILIPE MARQUES , Judge and President of MEDEL Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés
PAWEŁ FILIPEK, Chief Specialist in Team for Constitutional, International and European affairs, at Ombudsman for Human Rights in Poland, representing Rafto Laureate 2018 Adam Bodnar

Very strong URGENT APPEAL TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE EUROPEAN COMMISSION to act immediately in this grave situation, signed by 38 academic experts from 14 countries, and European Judges Associations EAJ, Medel, and Judges for Judges can be found here: 

Another appeal signed by the European Association of Judges, Association of European Administrative Judges, Judges for Judges, and MEDEL can be found here:

Source: Rafto Foundation for Human Rights FB Page

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