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Criminal law and Constitutional Freedoms

Bordeaux,  October 2nd, 2004

Against a Security Culture, colloquium organized at the National School of Magistracy  by MEDEL in cooperation with “Avocats Européens pour la Démocratie” (European Lawyers for Democracy – AED)

The Program of the colloquium


 The following text has been adopted after the colloquium:

“We, European citizens, magistrates, lawyers, syndical activists,  members of various associations and social workers, gathered in Bordeaux on this October 2nd, 2004;

In a time of debate about the ratification of the European Constitution;

We condemn the security drift in a Europe in which Justice is considered as a tool of societal repression;

We reaffirm that the fundamental rights of citizens and the democratic freedoms will not be preserved unless there is a strict separation of power, a strong independence of the magistracy and a meticulous respect of the right to defence – the founding principles that are currently threatened in several European countries;

We call for resistance to the destruction of the Rule of Law and the Social State that constitute the identity of Europe;

We call for the construction of a Europe of openness and social progress”.


Contribution :

Report on a development of the Czech criminal procedure, Pavel Pinkavat, representative of the Czech Bar.

Contributions au colloque :

Culture sécuritaire et métamorphose de l’Etat libéral, Gérard Boulanger (AED)

Evolution de la norme pénale européenne, Ignazio Patrone (MEDEL) (EN)

Le sort des étrangers non européens, laboratoire des dérives nationales, Anne Maesschalk (AED) (PDF fr)

La criminalisation des mouvements sociaux, Gilberto Pagani (AED)

Les droits fondamentaux à la croisée des chemins.,Marie-Anne Swartenbroekx (ASM)

vidéo : La justice dévoyée, critique des utopies sécuritaires (Denis Salas)


Document :

The Romanian ‘ Law No. 275 of 4 July 2006 on enforcement of punishments and of measures ordered by the judicial bodies during the criminal proceedings’ and ECHR (Lavinia Lefterache , July 2006)

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