MEDELMEDEL was today present at the ceremony of taking office of Álvaro García Ortiz as new Spanish Prosecutor General.

Association of European Administrative Judges (AEAJ) European Association of Judges (EAJ), Judges for Judges, Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés (MEDEL)

The four main European organisations of judges: Association of European Administrative Judges (AEAJ) European Association of Judges (EAJ, a regional branch of the International Association of Judges - IAJ), Rechters voor Rechters (Judges for Judges), Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés (MEDEL), represented by Carsten Zatschler SC, Emily Egan McGrath BL, Barristers, assisted by Anne Bateman and Maeve Delargy, Solicitors, of Philip Lee LLP, have filed today before the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) a lawsuit against the EU Council over its decision to unblock Recovery and Resilience funds for Poland.

The lawsuit is an action for annulment pursuant to Article 263 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) against the Council Implementing Decision of 17 June 2022, addressed to the Republic of Poland, adopted under Regulation (EU) 2021/241 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12 February 2021, establishing the Recovery and Resilience Facility.


The drama of Igor Tuleya in his courageous fight for an independent Judiciary does not cease. Deepening even more the attacks directed against him for several years, today he became the victim of an apparent war between factions within ruling coalition in Poland.

Having been informed last Friday, 05/08/2022, of his reinstatement by decision of the president of the Regional Court, where he resides, judge Tuleya presented himself at court today, Monday 08/08/2022, to perform his duties. However, upon arrival he was informed that by decision of the president of the Superior Court of Appeal – disciplinary officer Piotr Schab, appointed by the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro – the reinstatement decision had been revoked.

Association of European Administrative Judges (AEAJ) European Association of Judges (EAJ), Judges for Judges, Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés (MEDEL)

On the anniversary of the 2016 Coup, MEDEL, EAJ, AEAJ and Judges for Judges urge the European Institutions to take all necessary steps and measures to make sure Turkey observes the principles of the rule of law as well as the independence of the judiciary and the basic human right of a fair trial for all.


Your Excellencies, The members of the Platform for an Independent Judiciary observed developments in the Turkish judiciary over th past years, not only from 15th July 2016, the day of the attempted coup d’etat, onwards. Since December 2013, Türkiye has seen after all an alarmingly negative trend in relation to the rule of law and judicial independence. This trend escalated greatly in connection with the two-year state of emergency following the attempted coup d’etat. The extended period of emergency rule had a devastating effect on human rights and the rule of law in Türkiye and led to various repressive measures being adopted in the name of counterterrorism and protecting democracy. After 15th July 2016 more than 4500 Turkish judges and prosecutors were dismissed and around 2450 of them were imprisoned and many of them subjected to inhuman treatment during their detention.1Six years have passed and yet no meaningful steps have been taken to bring back the rule of law to Türkiyenor has the plight been relieved of the Turkish judges and prosecutors that have been subjected to these mass dismissals and arrests.

MEDEL at the 20th anniversary of CEPEJMonika Frąckowiak is representing MEDEL at the 20th anniversary of CEPEJ, in Malta.

As observer, MEDEL keeps cooperating in the search for solutions for an efficient and quality #justice in Europe.

Council of Administration of MEDELMEDEL is today holding its Council of Administration at the Appeal Court of Bordeaux, in France.

Topics include the attacks on Rule of Law in Poland and Hungary and the situation in Turkey.

BA0F18E4 92FC 4259 A57A AEB9C84CE098MEDEL and its French member association Syndicat de la Magistrature organised today the conference "L'administration de la Justice : Un Enjeu Democratique".

An important and interesting debate on the key issue of the administration of justice and its implications on the independence of the Judiciary.


On June 24th, 2022, MEDEL and the Syndicat de la Magistrature will organise a conference on the topic «Administration of justice: a crucial issue of democracy». The conference will take place at the CAPC Bordeaux (Museum of Contemporary Art of the city of Bordeaux – 7 rue Ferrere 33000 Bordeaux).

You may find the program of the conference HERE.

Association of European Administrative Judges (AEAJ) European Association of Judges (EAJ), Judges for Judges, Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés (MEDEL)MEDEL, EAJ, AEAJ and Judges for Judges sent a letter to Emmanuel Macron: it is the responsibility of France, in its capacity as President of the Union but also as the founding State of the European Community, to ensure that, prior to any disbursement of European funds, the Polish authorities implement reforms that effectively restore the independence of the judiciary. You may find here the letter sent and the translation in English.


MEDEL, l'EAJ, l'AEAJ et Judges forJudges ont envoyé une lettre à Emmanuel Macron : il est de la responsabilité de la France, en sa qualité de Président de l'Union mais aussi d'Etat fondateur de la Communauté européenne, de s'assurer qu'avant tout versement de fonds européens, les autorités polonaises mettent en œuvre des réformes qui rétablissent effectivement l'indépendance de la justice. Vous pouvez trouver ici la lettre envoyée et sa traduction en anglais.

Lettre ouverte Président Macron249.08 KB 
Letter to President Macron707.80 KB

Association of European Administrative Judges (AEAJ) European Association of Judges (EAJ), Judges for Judges, Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés (MEDEL)

The undersigned European associations of judges and prosecutors, having taken notice of the attached letter sent on 23rd of May 2022 by five associations of Polish judges: “IUSTITIA” Association of Judges, “Themis” Judges Association, Association of Family Judges in Poland, “Pro Familia” Family Judges Association and Polish Association of Administrative Court Judges ( further: the Polish judges letter) to Madam President of the European Commission, Vice-Presidents and Commissioners, President and Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament, Chairperson of the LIBE Committee, have decided to issue this


The undersigned European associations fully endorse the above-mentioned letter of 23rd of May 2022.

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