Greece - EULe parlement grec vient d’approuver dans la douleur « l’accord[i] » trouvé en urgence entre la Grèce et ses créanciers dans le cadre de son maintien dans la zone euro et de la perspective d’un troisième plan d’aide [ii]. Cet accord est intervenu dans un contexte de détresse accrue de la population grecque et lui impose de nouvelles « réformes sérieuses » dont des réformes juridiques comme celle du code de procédure civile [iii] et d’autres se traduisant par des nouvelles mesures d’austérité.

MEDELMEDEL, gathered in Athens on May 23 to commemorate its 30th anniversary, was alarmed by the worsening of the situation of justice in Turkey.

MEDEL therefore draws the attention of the international community to the situation of Turkish judiciary in which government orchestrating assault on judges and prosecutors reaches another low with every passing day.

yarsavTurkish government, after the accumulation of executive, legislative and judicial power into one hand, submitted a security bill to the Turkish General Assembly which grants enhanced and unprecedented powers to the Police force.

In the disguise of ensuring public safety and order, police officers will be given new mandates such as; without obtaining permission from judge and prosecutor police officers will be entitled to order strip search, car search and detention of individuals.

Charlie HebdoTribute to the cartoonists killed in Paris.






DiversityFrom the 13th to the 26th of October, the European Union, with the cooperation of FRONTEX and EUROPOL, is carrying out the operation “MOS MAIORUM”, targeting migrants living in the EU area.

During that period, around 20,000 police officers will control border crossings, railway and bus stations and highways throughout Europe to apprehend so-called irregular migrants - people living without official documentation granting permission to stay in the EU.

EU officials say the operation is needed to “combat human-smuggling rings” and to “gather information on smuggling routes”.

SarkozyMEDEL supports judges attacked in France, after the indictement for corruption of Mr Sarkozy, former President of the Republic.

Face au déferlement d'attaques contre la justice ces derniers jours, en France, suite à la mise en examen de l'ancien Président de laRépublique, MEDEL (Magistrats Européens pour la Démocratie et les Libertés), réunie à Belgrade :

Après la violente fusillade qui a coûté la vie à quFatal shooting at the Jewish Museum in Brussels atre personnes, dans le Musée Juif de Bruxelles, MEDEL communique :

Profondément choqué par cette violence haineuse et aveugle perpétrée dans un lieu profondément symbolique, MEDEL exprime sa solidarité à l'égard du peuple Belge et ses pensées émues vont aux victimes et leurs proches. Tout doit être mis en œuvre pour que soient identifiés et traduits en justice les auteurs de cette tuerie.

Marek BiernackiMEDEL, along with the European Union, the Council of Europe and the United Nations always underlines the key-role of an independent judicial power as an indispensable guarantee for the promotion of fundamental rights and basic freedoms of all citizens.

The right to a fair trial by an independent and impartial tribunal established by law is one of the crucial human rights in a democratic state. It is a duty of the government of each democratic country to organize its judicial system in a way guaranteeing everyone the access to justice.

LampedusaThis week, Europe has witnessed the tragedy unfolding a few meters from its shores, at the island of Lampedusa.

It’s just another chapter of the continuous struggle of human beings, many of whom are deprived of the basic conditions of life and of respect for human rights in their home countries, that see in Europe a place where they can work and live, simply hoping to grant to their families a normal and prosperous future.

MEDELMedel isued a statement on the proposed change of the Law on about the structure and powers of the Spanish General Council of the Judiciary.

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