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Justice and modernisation

Colloquium in Lübeck, 26-27 october 2007

The role of the judiciary in Germany (Hans-Ernst Boettcher) :
the German judiciary has experienced many changes during the past 30 years. But the question remains whether changes have really taken place? Is this only applicable to the outward forms, or is it also true of the spirit?

Does the judiciary of the Federal Republic develop slowly but steadily towards plurality and towards an internally and externally stable institution? Or is it, with all the burdens originating from its history, and in spite of its proper and even shiny appearance, a colossus with feet of clay?

Evaluation of judicial performance (Dragana Boljevic) : It Is essential for the system of judicial performance assessment, especially the system for measuring their performance, to reflect the work of judges and courts precisely, correctly and completely.

The need for establishment of the judicial performance assessment system as well as the need for bringing the whole judicial system into compliance with the new Constitution point to a conclusion that further successful work in the judicial reform requires joint coordinated involvement of all – those who will design, concretise and implement further measures in the judicial reform, as well as of to whom these measures will relate.

Le programme du colloque

Interventions :

Les propositions du Syndicat de la magistrature : vers une évaluation globale du service rendu.: le Syndicat de la Magistrature a toujours contesté la légitimité de ce qui était à l’origine une notation et qui est devenue une évaluation, sans que l’économie générale en soit véritablement remise en cause.

Les enjeux de la CEPEJ (Eric Alt)



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