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Support to Spanish Justice Strike on February 20th

All associations of judges and prosecutors in Spain have called for demonstrations to protest again the weakening of the Spanish judicial system.

Budget cuts directly affect the effectiveness of citizens’ rights. In addition, the legal costs rised to an amount that limits access to courts for the poorest.  

In addition, the Spanish government has taken initiatives to undermine judicial independence by limiting the powers of the Council of Justice. It is not acceptable to undermine the separation of powers, the foundation of the rule of law under the pretext of the crisis.

MEDEL therefore fully support the Spanish Judges and Prosecutors and request the opening of a dialogue to overcome these problems. Faced with the deadlock resulting from the current position of the Spanish government, it is legitimate for judges and prosecutors Spanish warn society about the seriousness of the situation.
Spanish judges and prosecutors will protest on Feb. 20th, to protest against the reform of the High Judicial Council and the collapsus of the Judicial system.

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