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Protest march in Warsaw

MEDEL was present in Warsaw on January 11th, 2020, in the march for the independence of the Judiciary, that gathered more than 25000 people and stretched for 4km.

MEDEL actively participated and had intervention in the press conference before the march.

It was an impressive demonstration of belief in the fundamental values of the Rule of Law and a clear sign to all national and European authorities that those values are at the heart of the European Union and that citizens will never cease fighting for their protection.

The solidarity shown by all the international associations of judges and prosecutors present was unprecedented and made of this event a landmark that will be remembered for years to come.
We showed that we truly are European magistrates and that the judiciary in Europe is united in the struggle for the protection of the rule of law and the basic principles that are the common cornerstone of the Union.

Congratulations to MEDEL’s member associations Iustitia and Lex Super Omnia, organizers of the march.

MEDEL truly thanks the polish colleagues not only for the courage and the example they are giving us, but because we believe that, in the future, the symbolism of yesterday’s march will be much more important for us all in the whole EU than the help we may have given them.

MEDEL will keep its full commitment in the struggle for the Rule of Law.

We are all European magistrates!

Protest march in Warsaw

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