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Statement on Igor Tuleya

The drama of Igor Tuleya in his courageous fight for an independent Judiciary does not cease. Deepening even more the attacks directed against him for several years, today he became the victim of an apparent war between factions within ruling coalition in Poland.

Having been informed last Friday, 05/08/2022, of his reinstatement by decision of the president of the Regional Court, where he resides, judge Tuleya presented himself at court today, Monday 08/08/2022, to perform his duties. However, upon arrival he was informed that by decision of the president of the Superior Court of Appeal – disciplinary officer Piotr Schab, appointed by the Minister of Justice Zbigniew Ziobro – the reinstatement decision had been revoked.

This episode is a clear sign of the complete politicisation of the judicial system in Poland, where conflicting political interests decide on the fate of independent judges, with undeniable consequences in the cases they adjudicate.

Igor Tuleya was suspended in November 2020 by a Disciplinary Chamber decision, which according to verdicts delivered by European Tribunals has been rendered in a procedure that violated all European standards.

What happened today to judge Igor Tuleya shows beyond any doubt the true attitude of Polish authorities towards European Tribunals’ decisions and the European Commission’s guidelines. Reinstatement of unlawfully suspended judges is one of the milestones to unblock the funds of the EU recovery plan in Poland. The episode that took place today cannot be ignored by EU authorities.

MEDEL once again declares its full solidarity with Igor Tuleya and all other unlawfully suspended Polish judges, and calls on the institutions of the European Union and the Council of Europe to ensure the full implementation of the verdicts of European Tribunals, the only way to preserve the European legal order.

August 8th, 2022

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