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Tribute to David Sassoli

Europe must rediscover its pride in its democratic model. Our fervent wish must be that this model of democracy, freedom and prosperity serves as a beacon and inspiration not only for our fellow citizens in Europe, but also beyond our borders.

Looking ambitiously to the future of Europe, reminding everyone the commitment to unnegotiable values and responsibilities towards the international community and future generations for effective protection of fundamental rights: President David Sassoli left us with this strong message, delivered at the European Council meeting of 16 December 2021.

Within the EU institutions and in the public debate, David Sassoli brought continuous engagement and awareness of the current challenges for democracy and Rule of Law, starting from immigration and dis-integration policies that made walls and barriers appear again in Europe.

MEDEL wishes to recall President Sassoli’s testimony through the conclusive words of his speech at the conference of MEDEL, held during the XXII congress of Magistratura Democratica: “We have a lot of work to do. We have to re-build a sense of humanity at risk of dissolution or removal. We have to do so, everyone, making an effort of responsibility”.

12 January 2022


Here you may watch the full speech (in italian) of David Sassoli at MEDEL’s conference in March 2019: 


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