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Quality and efficiency of judicial systems

Program of the colloquium

Quality of judicial acts (by Eric Alt) : the studies on the logic of the absurd decisions allow to understand certain dysfunctions in the judicial area. This way, the routine, the deformed vision of the real thing by some of its persons in charge, the fear of being opposed to the majority opinions or the blind respect to the rules, are in the origin of the majority of the bad practices.

La qualité de la décision judiciaire (Eric Alt)

On the contrary, the good functioning of an organisation is the result of its capacity to put itself in question, of accepting the critiques, of developing the evaluation checking the result of the experience. All of them practices difficulty accepted by the judicial institution.

Document :

An evaluation of the quality of justice in Europe and its developments in France (Jean-Paul Jean, Hélène Pauliat).:Justice has to report on its activities and its efficiency. The European Union, the Council of Europe, and in particular the European Commission for efficiency of justice (CEPEJ), as well as each country progressively acquire appropriate measuring and evaluation tools.However, this absolutely necessary evaluation of the judicial systems should not challenge theindependence of judges in any decision they take.

Analyse des méthodes de collecte de l’information par la CEPEJ (Gioacchino Natoli)

Palermo, february 2008

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