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Audit on Serbian judiciary

The audit on Serbian judiciary was issued June 29th 2012 in Belgrade.

The judiciary system established as a result of the reforms implemented since 2009 with the brutal dismissal of a significant number of judges and prosecutors does not under any circumstances respond to the requests of an independent, impartial judiciary that serves its citizens.

Thus the fact arises that the judiciary reform process needs to be revised and re-implemented in line with different modalities, with the priority request being to resolve the issues of judges and prosecutors which have been “relieved of their judicial functions” without respect for the most fundamental principles. A need also arises for a comprehensive programme of continuous education for judges and prosecutors facing wide scale changes at the level of the whole Serbian judiciary.

The issue of court efficiency deserves to be comprehensively reviewed because in the eyes of many the reforms, including the reform of the judiciary network and court organization, have caused a chaos in the judiciary system.

Many measures will need to be undertaken in order to establish the trust in the Serbian judiciary both on national and international levels, considering the fact that this institution is especially dependent on its statute, structure and organisation, due to which the goodwill of its actors can not suffice.

Up-date (oct 24th 2012) : two decisions of the Constitutional Court annulled the revew decisions of the High Council ot the judiciary and ordered to appoint the judges (including Dragana Boljevic.

KritV : Review of the situation of Serbian Judiciary (2013)

Vesna Rakic Vodinelic, Ana Knezevic Bojovic, Mario Reljanovic, Judicial reform in Serbian 2008-2012.

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